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Essvik AIF

Medals 2018:
2015: 1
Essvik AIF was one of 80 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018. They participated with three teams in Pojkar 10 - 7-manna, Pojkar 12 - 9-manna and Pojkar 14 - 11-manna respectively. Two teams played until 1/8 Final in Slutspel; Pojkar 12 - 9-manna lost against Arnäs IF by 2-3 and Pojkar 14 - 11-manna lost against Sidsjö-Böle IF by 0-3.

In addition to this, Essvik AIF have participated in Mid Nordic Cup & Festival before. During Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2017, Essvik AIF had 6 teams playing in Pojkar 9, Pojkar 10, Pojkar 11, Pojkar 13 and Pojkar 14 respectively. The team in Pojkar 14 made it to the the 1/4 Final in Slutspel, but lost it against GIF Sundsvall by 0-4.

Essvik AIF comes from Kvissleby which lies approximately 21 km from Sörberge, where Mid Nordic Cup & Festival takes place. The area around Kvissleby does also provide 22 additional clubs participating during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018 (Among others: Kubikenborgs IF, Njurunda IK, Svartviks IF, IFK Timrå, Söråkers FF, Sidsjö Böle IF, Sundsvalls FF, Heffnersklubbans BK, Njurunda SK and Sund IF).

9 games played


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