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Umeå Södra FF F11

Registration number: 2209
Registrator: Åke Johansson Log in
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Leader: Åke Johansson
Tomas Nordin
Magnus Forsgren
Stefan Öhman
Thomas Nilsson
Umeå Södra FF was one of 80 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018. They participated with one team in Flickor 11 - 7-manna.

In addition to Umeå Södra FF, 15 other teams played in Flickor 11 - 7-manna. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Umeå Södra FF could be found in Group B together with Sundsvalls DFF, IFK Timrå, Kramfors Alliansen Vit, Islingby IK, Sidsjö Böle IF, Domsjö IF and Högs SK.

Umeå Södra comes from Umeå which lies approximately 210 km from Sörberge, where Mid Nordic Cup & Festival takes place. The area around Umeå does also provide 8 additional clubs participating during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018 (Tegs SK, Umeå Södra, Umedalens IF, Röbäcks IF, Sörfors IF, Gimonäs Umeå IF, Spöland/Vännäs IF and Sävar IK).

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