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Islingby IK

Medals 2018:
2019: 1
Islingby IK was one of 80 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018. They participated with 8 teams in Pojkar 11 - 7-manna, Pojkar 12 - 7-manna, Pojkar 12 - 9-manna, Pojkar 13 - 9-manna, Pojkar 14 - 11-manna, Flickor 12 - 7-manna and Flickor 11 - 7-manna respectively. Two teams played until Loppuottelu in Slutspel; Flickor 12 - 7-manna won over Sundsvalls FF by 3-1 muttaPojkar 12 - 7-manna Röd lost against Moffe BK by 2-3.

In addition to this, Islingby IK have participated in Mid Nordic Cup & Festival before. During Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2017, Islingby had 6 teams playing in Pojkar 11, Pojkar 12, Pojkar 13, Flickor 10 and Flickor 11 respectively. The team in Pojkar 12 made it to the the Avslutningsmatcher in Slutspel, but lost it against BIK SK by 2-2.

Islingby comes from Borlänge which lies approximately 250 km from Sörberge, where Mid Nordic Cup & Festival takes place. The area around Borlänge does also provide five additional clubs participating during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018 (Torsångs IF, Falu BS, IF Tunabro, Korsnäs IF FK or Falu BS Fotboll).

26 games played


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