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Islingby IK F12 - 7-manna

Registration number: 2003
Registrator: Jenny Isberg Log in
Primary shirt color: Punainen
Leader: Jenny Isberg
Daniel Elfving
Evelina Danielsson
Gold medal! Won the entire Slutspel! Congratulations!
3:rd highest average goal count per match among all teams (5.8)
Highest goal count among all the teams (41)
In addition to Islingby IK, 13 other teams played in Flickor 12 - 7-manna. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Islingby IK could be found in Group B together with Sidsjö Böle IF, Högs SK, KB65 FF or Umeå Södra.

Islingby IK made it to Slutspel after reaching 1:st place in Group B. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Sundsvalls FF, which they won with 3-1. Thereby Islingby IK won the entire Slutspel in Flickor 12 - 7-manna during Mid Nordic Cup & Festival 2018.

7 games played


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